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Timbangan Gantung Caston THD

Timbangan Gantung Digital Caston THD atau Caston III merupakan timbangan heavy duty yang mampu menimbang beban mulai dari 5 ton hingga 50 ton.
Specification of Crane Scale THD
Models 5THD 10THD 15THD 20THD 30THD 50THD
Capacity (kg) 5.000 10.000 15.000 20.000 30.000 50.000
Readability (kg) 2 5 10 10 10 20
Maximum Tare Full Tare
Display Type LED
Operating Power DC 6V
Power Source AC 120V, 50/60Hz
Display Designators Zero, Tare, Hold, Batt
Power Consumption 1.2 W
Operating Temperature -10 C ~ +40 C
• Battery operated with low battery indication
• Rechargeble Battery Pack
• Spare Battery Pack and Charger Included as Standard
• Easy to Read 1.5" LED Display
• Bluetooth Control Included as Standard
• On, Off, Zero, Tare and Hold (Manual or Automatic) Functions
• Auto Span Adjustment
• Auto Zero Tracking

Download Datasheet :

Caston III / Caston THD
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